A Product Leader, who helps

design better orgs,

build & empower product teams,

create better digital services

Over 20 Years of experience

For the last 20 years I've been helping public and private sector clients transform their organisations. I have experience in providing leadership within large multi supplier agile programmes and I'm adept at balancing user needs and business priorities while working within constraints to ensure return on investment and gain true business transformation. I'm seen as a thought leader when setting up new Programmes of work, informing the various work packages to be undertaken, and helping clients secure budget for the various phases through out the delivery lifecycle.

Building communities of Practice

I have particularly strong skills in building communities of practice both internally and for clients. I'm a co-founder of Productcamp Belfast and i'm active within many of the London and Belfast communities and regularly co-hosts or attends meet-ups.


I also mentor people who are interested in switching careers to Product Management as well as start-up founders. The later has lead to me becoming a product advisor at a number of Start-ups